Sunday, 11 June 2017

Write up CTF Kioptrix 1 [ smb ]


this session i will explain you how to got access root from server with ilegal access, many more ways/technique for get access root with ilegal, then this session i will show you how to get access root from SMB.

ok, SMB is which stands for Server Message Block, is a protocol for sharing files, printers, serial ports, and communications abstractions such as named pipes and mail slots between computers.
The earliest document I have on the SMB protocol is an IBM document from 1985. It is a copy of an IBM Personal Computer Seminar Proceedings from May 1985. It contains the IBM PC Network SMB Protocol. The next document I have access to is a Microsoft/Intel document called Microsoft Networks/OpenNET-FILE SHARING PROTOCOL from 1987. The protocol was subsequently developed further by Microsoft and others. Many of the documents that define the SMB protocol(s) are available at in the SMB documentation area.

ok i will use SearchSploit usefull for searching exploit,

here we go, i will explain you , what requirement you need it for got root:

1. Linux / VPS

2. install Netdiscover
sudo apt-get install netdiscover

you can use arp -a

3. install SearchSploit
git clone

4. install Nmap
sudo apt-get install Nmap 

3. install Kioptrix 1.1 for example

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